Six-Figure Personal Brands, a SimplyBe. Masterclass
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September 21-22, 2019


Coming soon to Los angeles

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Master your personal brand to exponentially grow your business.

Build a customized marketing roadmap and social media playbook to uplevel your exposure. Harness the power of your authentic self to make more money and gain fulfillment by simply being you—all in two days, at a fraction of the usual cost.

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Ever lose a client to a competitor?

You may have felt envious, or even resentful. Not because you think you’re better than anyone else, but because deep down, you knew you could deliver better work.

Maybe you weren’t as qualified as your competition. Maybe the other person could actually do a better job.

Or maybe, you are just as qualified, just as experienced, and even more talented than the other person…

...but you still didn’t get picked


What’s the difference between you and them?

It’s simple.

The number one reason why people don’t get the gig is because the people hiring for the gig don’t know what you have to offer—because they don’t know you exist.

We call this the Personal Brand Opportunity Loss, and it has major consequences that extend beyond just a lack of visibility—we’re talking poor reputation, client misses, and lost revenue.


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Well guess what?

There is.

It starts with building an unforgettable personal brand, and we’ll teach you exactly how to do it, for a fraction of what we usually charge.

The personal branding masters at SimplyBe. Agency have made a name for ourselves helping CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs identify their value to maximize their exposure. But we get it. Not everyone can invest tens of thousands of dollars into building their brand.

That’s why we have created a one-of-a-kind, two-day workshop for anyone who wants to experience personal brand development and growth. For the first time ever, over the course of two days, we’ll be unlocking our vault to bring YOU the tools, knowledge, and content you need to build a personal brand that will get you noticed by the right people and flood you with the opportunities you’ve been dreaming of.

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  • You start attracting so many ideal clients you have to go on a waitlist

  • Your business triples in size and revenue in one year

  • You get invited to speak at globally-renowned events every quarter and are featured in publications like Forbes and the Chicago Tribune

  • Your social media following grows by hundreds each week

  • You become an international award-winning entrepreneur


It happened to me, it’s happening for my clients, and it can happen to you, too.

I’m Jessica Zweig, founder and CEO of SimplyBe., a personal branding company, and I found success by identifying my own value and helping others find theirs. In my 10+ years in the digital marketing space, I’ve learned that your ideas, vision, products, and goals don’t show up in the world until you do.

Anyone can teach you how to make more money. My team and I will teach you how to leave a legacy.

It starts with learning how to build your personal brand, which we will teach you, step-by-step.

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This exclusive, interactive workshop is THE premier opportunity for anyone who wants to learn how to grow their business, their brand, and their bank account—organically and authentically.

The SimplyBe. Masterclass Promise:

Workshops are Jessica’s jam. She has flown around the world and taught her signature workshop to hundreds of people across a variety of industries. But whenever we’ve taught one-day sessions, by the end, we felt people were starving for more.

We know you’re ready to go deep. That’s why we’re giving you everything our clients get, in an interactive, experiential format (for cheap).

Six-Figure Personal Brands is more than a learning experience. You’ll master your personal brand identity and marketing strategy with Jessica on Day 1. Then, on Day 2, you’ll actually apply what you’ve learned and execute your strategy step-by-step with the SimplyBe. Team.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create compelling content for your blog, email, video series, podcasts, webinars and speaking gigs

  • Build a brand aesthetic to attract followers on Instagram

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile to establish authority for maximum exposure

  • Establish a PR and media strategy to get in front of new target audiences by way of magazines, podcasts and conferences

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Here’s what to expect during
the SimplyBe. Masterclass:


Day 1

MARCH 30 | 9am-5pm

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Master your brand identity and personal brand marketing strategy with SimplyBe. Founder and CEO, Jessica Zweig.

During Day 1, Jessica reveals the exact formula for how to:

  • Define an unforgettable personal brand message

  • Effortlessly grow your platform

  • Refine your elevator pitch to reach the right clients

  • Generate buzz, land digital features, and speaking engagements

You will walk away at 5pm with a clear personal brand identity and marketing strategy that will help you stand out to gain the recognition and success you deserve.

Continental breakfast and gourmet lunch will be provided.


Day 2 

MARCH 31 | 10am-4pm

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Apply what you learned in Day 1 to bring your personal brand out into the world through social media, content marketing, and PR with the SimplyBe. Team.

During Day 2, led by the SimplyBe. Team, learn how to:

  • Create compelling content with Grace Friedman, Content Manager

  • Build, optimize, and grow your brand on Instagram with Aleksa Narbutaitis, Creative Director

  • Optimize your LinkedIn for maximum exposure with Nora Shepard, Director of Client Relations

  • Craft your PR plan and establish thought leadership with Pooja Shah, Communications Manager

At the end of Day 2, you will leave with tangible tips, tools, and actions you can take NOW to maximize your exposure starting the moment you walk out the door.

Continental breakfast and gourmet lunch will be provided.


The VIP Experience

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Yeah, we thought so. We’re offering a white glove, VIP Experience to a limited number of applicants who want all the benefits of the two-day workshop, plus a whole lot more.

In addition to everything you get from Day 1 and 2 of the workshop, enjoy exclusive access to Jessica and the SimplyBe. Team throughout the weekend.

The VIP Experience also includes:

  • A weekend stay at the beautiful ULCC

  • Access to the ULCC fitness facility + restaurants

  • A private networking dinner with the SimplyBe. Team and other VIPs

  •  A private executive breakfast with Jessica

  • Deluxe goody bag filled with services + gifts

By invitation or application only. Please send inquiries to

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Personal branding is not an act of vanity. It’s greater than your ego and bigger than your fears. When done correctly, personal branding is actually an act of service. It’s about your audience, your customers, and your tribe. They are waiting for you to show up.  

A strong personal brand can help you broaden your reach and impact, giving you the opportunity to move the needle and affect positive change on your corner of the world.

Of course, it will also expose you to more strategic business relationships and opportunities, help you become an authority in your field, clarify what you’re offering potential clients, how you’re uniquely positioned among your peers, and ultimately earn you more revenue.

But while there are a million people out there who can teach you how to make money, I teach my clients how to make a legacy. A legacy for moving the world forward.

Let me show you what I’m talking about.


  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace by identifying your unique value proposition

  • Effectively reach the right people by identifying your target audience avatar and researching their emotional pain points

  • Cut through the noise with a solid personal brand foundation through SimplyBe.’s trademarked solution, The Hologram

  • Reach new audiences online and off by establishing a comprehensive omni-channel marketing strategy

  • Communicate your authenticity in the real world by establishing a signature style

  • Become a networking pro by crafting a 30-second elevator pitch in alignment with your core value proposition

  • Identify your blind spots, and how you’re showing up to the world 

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You have a kickass personal brand and a strategy for getting your name out there.

Now what?

It’s time to put your money where your mouth is and start creating content. Videos, podcasts, blogs, books, workshops—the options are endless. And so is the stuff nobody wants to read, watch, or listen to. So how do you get your content to cut through the noise?

With the four C’s: Creativity. Craft. Clarity. Cohesion.

These are the elements that make up a great story, and you have them all inside you already.

In this session, you will:

  • Determine the best pinnacle content for your brand

  • Create dynamic content themes

  • Develop your own unique subject matter

  • Create a signature voice and writing style

  • Build effective content strategies

  • Start crafting compelling content

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Instagram is currently the most relevant and ever-changing social media platform. It's also one of the strongest marketing tools in your belt. With the help of our Creative Director, Aleksa Narbutaitis (@alnarbuu), you will define your brand, craft the right visual aesthetic, and cut through the noise to bring your brand’s story to life.

In this session, you will:

  • Define your brand story visually

  • Tell that story through content creation and a posting strategy

  • Further define your brand value and use it to connect with your audience and convert them into clients and ambassadors

  • Use creative tips and tricks to grow an authentic, organic audience

  • Implement the tactics great brands and businesses are doing on your own feed

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Imagine building your brand on Twitter in 2007: by now, you could have millions of followers because you got in early. Well, you have that chance with another channel today. LinkedIn is the most underutilized platform these days. Gone are the days of LinkedIn being exclusively for job hunting. More and more executives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and employees are realizing the untapped possibilities on LinkedIn. Director of Client Relations, Nora Shepard will help you craft your profile strategically, so you set yourself up for success no matter where you are or what you’re looking for in your career.

In this session, you will:

  • Identify your LinkedIn objectives

  • Optimize your profile top to bottom

  • Make your content go viral—consistently

  • Find the LinkedIn groups that will benefit your brand the most

  • Identify realistic KPIs to measure your progress

  • Create a LinkedIn strategy unique to you that will take you through the next month and beyond

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Google your name right now. What do you find? Is what you see aligned with who you are and what you do?

If the answer if yes, then you’re on track toward getting the media’s attention the right way.

If the answer is no, we have some work to do before we start your media outreach.

Wherever you land on the buzz-worthy spectrum, sharing your unique story in a way that does your brand justice is essential to establishing thought leadership. It’s time to pull together every part of your personal brand strategy—your original content, brand style and aesthetic, and optimized social media channels—and funnel them into a pitch that will land you in Forbes.

In this session, you will:

  • Establish a media strategy to get in front of the right audiences

  • Write a pitch letter

  • Identify target editors and newscasters

  • Learn how to get placed on the speaking circuit

  • Hone your media mindset

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Get your tickets to the Chicago Masterclass on March 30-31, 2019 at the landmark Union League Club of Chicago: 


The Union League Club of Chicago (ULCC) is a historic organization enriching the Chicago community through a commitment to cultural excellence. Rated as one of the top city clubs in the world by both Club Leaders Forum and BoardRoom Magazine, the ULCC believes in the freedom to choose a way of life, paving a path for a better city and a better nation. The Club is a timeless home away from home for members and their families. From health and fitness, social and professional networking, community involvement, and fine dining, to family programming and special interests—the Club is home to a diverse collection of people sharing similar values while accomplishing great things.

During Six-Figure Personal Brands, you will have the added benefit of being surrounded by like minded people with whom you can create new, and deep connections. By participating in the workshop, you’ll automatically become part of the SimplyBe. Community, where you can keep the conversation going with your new network and get ongoing support from the SimplyBe. Tribe, long after the workshop has ended.

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How much does it cost?

Six-Figure Personal Brands is a one-of-a-kind, high touch experience offering expertise, strategies, and tools executives and corporations pay top dollar for. When SimplyBe. Agency gets hired to help build a personal brand identity and strategy, it costs tens of thousands of dollars and takes 60 days.

You have the chance to do it all in two days for a fraction of the cost.  

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Masterclass participants will leave with everything you need to take your personal brand to the next level—and our support won’t stop there. As part of the SimplyBe. Tribe, you’ll get access to the materials and guidance you need to execute everything you learned right away, including:


Ongoing Support
Get in touch with us! The SimplyBe. Masters are always available to help with any questions or challenges you might have during your personal brand journey.

SimplyBe. Community
By participating in the workshop, you’ll get access to the Tribe Facebook Page, an exclusive community for friends of the business who want to stay in the know on all things SimplyBe.

Did We Mention Gift Bags?
All attendees will get goody bags jam-packed with treats, products, and services from some of our favorite local vendors.

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